One Piece Chapter 931: Big Mom Dead or Survive?

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One Piece Chapter 931: Big Mom Dead or Survive?

DAISUKINIME.ID - Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing whether or not Big Mom is dead in Wano country already or did she survive?

Big Mom is one of the four yonko and she has arrived at the shores of Wano country but she was welcomed by her foes in the most damaging manner. So, what is her fate?

Let’s begin this post regarding whether or not Big Mom is dead in Wano country
First things first, let us discuss what happened in the latest chapter of One Piece manga, that is One Piece chapter 930.

We got to see Law running away again but Sanji staying back to fight. We saw Roronoa Zoro in the Ebisu Town, when he rarely even smiles.

The most interesting detail or the details all fans are so hyped about is the arrival of Big Mom Pirates at Wano country.

The most disappointing thing is that Charlotte Katakuri and Charlotte Cracker, and even Charlotte Oven are nowhere to be seen.

Big Mom arrived with all smiles and just when her humongous ship was about to enter Wano country.

Kaido’s subordinates started attacking the Big Mom Pirates, these weaklings were easily defeated by Charlotte Perospero and others.

But King the Wildfire arrived at the scene soon and he was in his completely transformed form.

His devil fruit is also an ancient zoan type which was very disappointing for most fans because they were hoping that he would be having a mythical zoan type devil fruit.

Nonetheless, he has ancient zoan type devil fruit model: Pteranodon.

King then singlehandedly just simply pushed Big Mom’s ship down from the waterfall. Just as the ship was falling back, Big Mom lost her balance and as a result, she found herself in water.

We know that she has devil fruit powers so does that mean that she will sink to the bottom of the sea and die?

Will Big Mom’s journey end this soon?

Well, obviously the answer is no. No, she won’t sink to the bottom of the bottom of the sea and die.

She has pretty powerful subordinates along with her like Charlotte Perospero. If you all remember during the Whole Cake Island arc Big Mom was about to sink in water more than one times.

Perospero was easily able to bring her back to the surface using his candy devil fruit powers. Also, Big Mom has Prometheus up her sleeve as well.

We did see Big Mom flying more than a couple of times upon Prometheus and also Zeus. We all know that Nami has the possession of Zeus now but Prometheus will still be available to Big Mom whenever she requires him.

Also, do you really think that a yonko will die in such a manner?

No, it is obvious that Big Mom is still alive and well and will probably one shot King the Wildfire in the next chapter, or King will be asked to retreat by Kaidou when Big Mom is revealed to be okay.

I say this because Kaido literally finished Luffy with a single blow who too is yonko commander level.

Similarly, Charlotte Linlin is going to one shot King as this is also a battle of yonko level against a yonko commander level opponent.

Even Luffy was able to land a powerful blow on Kaido but obviously it had no effect, similarly on Big Mom will be just wet and nothing more. Also, King said that how can Big Mom expect to come into Wano with one ship and get out alive which is exactly why Katakuri fans should not feel so bad just yet.

I do think that one or two more ships are heading towards Wano.

Yes, in my opinion, Cracker, Oven and Katakuri will also be soon in Wano maybe in the next chapter we’ll see them arriving as well.

So, this is how I want this situation to go on further. Big Mom is saved by either Perospero or Prometheus.

Meanwhile, Katakuri’s ship will also reach Wano and we might just get to see two top yonko commander level opponents facing each other.

The hype will obviously be more if King faces Katakuri rather than Linlin finishing him off in just one blow. So, let us see how things actually unfold in the upcoming chapter of One Piece manga.

That is it from today’s post on whether or not Big Mom is alive in Wano country.

If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below.

Source: The Anime Scrolls
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