5 Super Power Anime Characters with Sealed Power!

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5 Super Power Anime Characters with Sealed Power!

DAISUKINIME.ID - In the anime, there are always characters who have very powerful strength.

Not only the main characters, there are lots of enemies or monsters that make a mess with the power they have.

They look normal with their appearance.

At the beginning of the fight, they gave less resistance which turned out to save the sealed power in their bodies.

Here are 5 super power anime characters whose strength is sealed:

1. Lord Boros
5 Super Power Anime Characters with Sealed Power!

At the end of the first season of the One Punch Man anime, finally emerged a strong enemy who was the ruler of the universe.

By using his ship, the city below was destroyed, except for the headquarters of the hero association that had been modified by Metal Knight.

Being an opponent who certainly hopes to make Saitama's expression change, in fact a new mosquito makes Saitama look emotional.

He who was initially bored and looking for tough opponents on each planet, finally found a formidable enemy, Saitama.

Lord Boros was only hit once and was immediately destroyed (armor), but Lord Boros said that the Armor was a seal that held out his strength.

Finally he showed how to make Saitama bounce to the moon, but unfortunately Lord Boros had to die because of a serious blow Saitama.

2. Brain Fairy Tail
5 Super Power Anime Characters with Sealed Power!

It is a character who leads the Evil Guild Oricien Seis who is very strong and equal to Grimore who is led by the master of Hades.

Even though they only consist of six people, but they have been very troublesome to Natsu and the others.

Initially it did not provide a very fierce resistance.

But the members who turned out to have a seal that suppressed his strength, slowly the lines in his body disappeared and finally made Natsu and Jura helpless.

Until finally Natsu is given a golden fire by Jellal and he eats it, so it changes in Dragon Force mode.

Brain finally lost and was thrown into a cell with his subordinates.

3. Kyubi inside Naruto's body
5 Super Power Anime Characters with Sealed Power!

Naruto had to suffer from childhood, this was because of the Kyubi monsters that were sealed inside his body.

The power of the Kyub is extremely powerful, making it very devastating.

Minato seals the Kyubi in his own body, at the cost of his life.

At first When Naruto's emotions exploded, then slowly the strength of the Kyubi sealed inside his body would flow through his claws and eventually add to Naruto's strength.

Slowly after adulthood, precisely during the world war Shinobi Naruto finally learned how to control the power of the Kyubi.

Naruto also met Uzumaki Kushina who also indirectly helped Naruto, until finally Naruto was now very skilled and became a partner of Kurama.

4. Meliodas
5 Super Power Anime Characters with Sealed Power!

It turns out that the character who is considered very Over Power and has an eternal life who is the leader of Nanatsu No Taizai, his strength has been taken in half by Merlin when Meliodas fainted.

Until when the Ten Commandmant appeared, Meliodas finally managed to get his strength back.

But that wasn't the real power, because it was seen in the manga when his demonic power rose perfectly, looking very devoid of feeling, especially Meliodas was able to defeat Zeldris and Estarossa just by being alone.

Meliodas faced and whispered something to Zeldris and finally agreed to collect the Ten Commandmants that he would use to break the curse given by the Demon King.

5. Aizen
5 Super Power Anime Characters with Sealed Power!

The character of the beginning of the story in the Bleach anime looks like a very good person, but until finally shocking news if he dies.

But it is one of the powers of the Shikai Zanpakutou that can make people who see their release be exposed to an absolute illusion.

Aizen became one of the strongest enemies in the Bleach anime, moreover he managed to defeat very powerful captains, such as Kyouraku and Yoroichi.

He also finally killed Gin who from the start waited for a moment to finish Aizen.

After Ichigo is stronger, Aizen is overwhelmed and makes his body unite with Hogyoukou finally change like a monster, but Ichigo turns to Mugetsu and once attacks Aizen falls.

Aizen who has immortality and Ichigo who has lost his power, wants to finish him, but Urahara comes and seals Aizen and his Strength.

He was thrown in and locked in a seat with only his eyes not sealed.

Source: Media Update
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