10 Red Haired Anime Characters, The Most Beautiful!

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10 Red Haired Anime Characters, The Most Beautiful!

DAISUKINIME.ID - Red is brave!

The red color indeed often indicates that something has a burning aura, including the red-haired anime character.

Of course it's not new if you see anime characters with different hair colors.

Red is one of the colors that are often used because it is considered attractive and charming.

The characters in the anime (women) who have their own red hair have a lot of them.

And some of them have the prettiest titles.

Who are they?

1. Kushina Uzumaki (Naruto)
10 Red Haired Anime Characters, The Most Beautiful!

Kushina is the mother of Naruto and the wife of Minato.

Although he did not have a large portion of his story, Kushina was one of the important figures in the Naruto anime.

Yes, she is the woman who gave birth to Naruto to this world.

Kushina is also one of the Jinchuriki, someone who holds the Bijuu power in his body.

Since it first appeared, Kushina was able to steal the attention of anime fans. Minato's wife does have a sweet smile and a beautiful face.

But, if you get angry again, it's scary too. His name is also a woman. Ha ha ha.

2. Yoko Littner (Tangen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
10 Red Haired Anime Characters, The Most Beautiful!

Yoko is one of the best snipers in the world of anime.

Not only beautiful, Yoko is a sexy girl. Moreover, the clothes he uses everyday are quite minimal, namely shorts with bra tops only.

It's beautiful, the curves are nice, the clothes are sexy too.

So, it's no wonder that many guys idolize this sniper girl.

Yoko is also a smart person.

In the battle he did, Yoko was brave and took action quickly.

So, there's nothing missing for this one girl, huh!

3. Lilith Asami (Trinity Seven)
10 Red Haired Anime Characters, The Most Beautiful!

Lilith was assigned to guide Arata to become a talented magician.

FYI, Trinity Seven is an anime harem genre in which there are lots of women.

However, Lilith is the main heroine in this anime.

So, it's no secret that Lilith has a charm over other girls.

Her beautiful face is more charming with the color of her thick red hair. Apart from that, Lilith-san is given a fantastic body shape with a decent size oppai too.

Naturally, considering that Trinity Seven is the best ecchi anime.

But, Lilith doesn't just sell the body, loh.

He is also a smart girl with reliable fighting abilities.

4. Shirayuki (Akagami no Shirayuki-hime)
10 Red Haired Anime Characters, The Most Beautiful!

Shirayuki has a face that looks like an apple seller.

Tambarun is a peaceful and prosperous country. There also lived a beautiful woman named Shirayuki.

At first glance, he reminds himself of an apple seller, calm and innocent.

Shirayuki has long red hair that is truly charming.

Unfortunately, his hair must be cut for a reason (watch if you want to know, fear of spoilers).

Even so, with short hair still makes Shirayuki still cute. Moreover, he is a good girl who expertly mixes herbal medicines.

Sure, the mate will be happy.

5. Kotori Itsuka (Date A Live)
10 Red Haired Anime Characters, The Most Beautiful!

kotori is a spirit that has unexpected abilities.

This sister of Shidou Itsuka has a stature that can be said to be loli. His body is small, his face is cute, his oppai is also flat. But it's still like that.

In his daily life, Kotori really likes to eat lollipop.

A little story?

This Kotori has two personalities.

First, he is a spoiled sister with his brother.

Second, he is the commander who has troops to 'tame' the spirit that rages on earth.

In the middle of the story (just as opposed to Kurumi), you will know Kotori's true form later.

6. Naruse Mio (Shinmai Maou no Testament)
10 Red Haired Anime Characters, The Most Beautiful!

Mio is a beautiful and sexy sister of Basara.

This Mio is not an ordinary girl, she is a devil.

However, it's not a creepy devil.

Even people who see Mio seem to be in love with the devil.

What to do? He ended up beautiful, sexy, and appetizing.

7. Yona (Akatsuki no Yona)
10 Red Haired Anime Characters, The Most Beautiful!

Yona struggles to reclaim what should be his.

At first, Yona was a spoiled girl who couldn't do anything. Understandably, because he is the son of the king whose life is all there.

However, everything changed when Yona's father died.

The problem after problem was also demanding that Yona grow into a strong and steel minded woman.

Yona's beauty is like a royal princess. What to do?

Confused how to explain it. Anyway, he is kawaii with long red hair.

8. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)
10 Red Haired Anime Characters, The Most Beautiful!

Erza is the strongest witch in the fairy tail guild.

For this, it doesn't need to be explained at length, because surely there are already many who know Erza Scarlet.

He is one of the Fairy Tail guild members who has the title of one of the strongest wizards.

Not only dazzling, Erza could change immediately became a sadist when he fought.

Erza's trademark is to use armor and swords while in battle.

9. Rias Gremory (High School DxD)
10 Red Haired Anime Characters, The Most Beautiful!

Makeup has the biggest chest in the High School DxD anime.

Although many people say Akeno is better, Rias is still the main character in the High School DxD anime who also has her own charm.

The Student Council Chairperson is a beautiful person with blushing red hair plus a fantastic body and big chest.

So, it's no wonder that Issei has a high obsession with Rias-senpai.

So, what would Akeno prefer to Rias?

10. Kallen Kozuki (Code Geass)
10 Red Haired Anime Characters, The Most Beautiful!

Kallen is a strong woman who helps zero in carrying out her mission.

This is mimin's favorite. One of the main characters in the Code Geass anime that is so interesting.

Not only beautiful looking capital, Kallen is a reliable Knightmare 'driver'.

Without further ado, he was able to destroy all the enemies before him in an instant.

Not only good at fighting, Kallen is also a beautiful girl.

Source: Kabaranime
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